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FALL 2013
miserable, just like everyone else, they smiled as I went by,
and I was thrilled they were proud. They have helped me so
much along the way, and they are a major reason that I am
where I am today.
The lights go dark in the rink, and the Zambonis glide
across the ice, leaving nothing but a glossy finish. The
stands are filled, and, with a flourish of trumpets, the
fight song erupts from the corner as the Bulldogs take
the ice. A short interlude from the drum line, the lights
come up, and the puck hits the ice. I continue to make
small talk with guests and sneak some looks at the
game. One question that always seems to come up is
“How do you do it?” But I think that I am not a unique
case at Ferris — I work with other students with busy
schedules like mine every day. A contributing factor to
my success was getting involved in student organizations
across campus early in my college career. Doors seem
to open when you give your time to different people and
efforts across campus.
I watch the last few white-knuckle moments of the game,
until time runs out and the arena erupts in a massive cheer.
The Dawgs win another one! People bundle up against the
elements outside as the team circles up and the band plays
the Alma Mater. With a collective salute of their sticks, the
team dismisses the fans. I wish safe travel to the box guests
and straighten up the room. I go down to see Brutus in the
locker room. He tells stories of the night and the crazy things
that happened during the game. We laugh and bounce
ideas off of each other for future games. Some of the best
conversations have happened just like this.
I finally leave and go outside to find that a fresh blanket of snow
covers the few remaining cars in the lot. I can’t help but smile as
I get into my car, thinking of all of the people I have met and the
things I have been able to do here at Ferris. All of my life, I have
bled crimson, but I realize now that I bleed gold, too.
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