Helen Gillespie Ferris Society

The Helen Gillespie Ferris Society honors the wife of Woodbridge N. Ferris and co-founder of what today is Ferris State University. Recognized by the state's superintendent of public instruction as the best geometry teacher in Michigan, Helen Ferris was deeply committed to education. After her death in 1917, Woodbridge declared "The life of Mrs. Ferris adds new luster to American womanhood."

Membership in the society that celebrates her requires a commitment of a $750,000 cumulative gift. Members are thanked with opportunities to participate in many aspects of university life in addition to benefits afforded to members of the Crimson and Gold, Annual Leadership, Presidents, Founders, Old Main, Phoenix, Carillon and Legacy societies.

Please contact Destiny Gorby for more information about the Helen Gillespie Ferris Society.