Dell Discount for Emeriti

Ferris State University has teamed up with Dell Computers to offer discounts on Dell products to Emeriti of Ferris State University.

Ferris State University has created a web site just for you:    (Click for auto log-in)

Account: FERRIS1

Password: FERRIS1

This account name and password will identify you as an Emeriti. You will then be asked to set up your own profile and password. We have worked with Dell Computers to structure computer bundles that will meet minimum recommendations set by the Ferris Standards Committee.

If you would like to discuss computer configurations, lease options or have any other problems please contact customer service at 888-987-3355.
Member ID: US17918119

This site only has listings for NEW equipment. Anyone who may be interested in reconditioned Dell equipment should visit the regular Dell Computer site.

Use the link to Refurbished Systems for a listing of available equipment.