Benefits FAQ

Can I receive my ID card through the mail?

Yes you can!  You must email a print-quality head shot photo in digital format (JPG) to the Emeriti Association email account in order to receive your ID card through the mail.   Or you can visit the Timme Center on campus to have your photo taken to receive your ID card while you wait. ID cards are provided free of charge.  Tip: Summer is a great time for this task, as the parking is easier!

I am retiring soon. What is the process for obtaining emeriti status?

Check the Emeritus Policy at to make sure you qualify for the status. Then click on the "Process" link on the menu bar above to read about how Emeriti status is granted.

I retired with emeriti status, but I haven't received any information yet from the Emeriti Association.

Emeriti status is officially granted at each quarterly Board of Trustees meeting. Upon approval, a list is forwarded to the advancement services office to mark your record for the status, which will trigger the mailings. Until your status has been officially approved, you will not receive Association mailings. You can check this site for information on events, as well as the latest edition of the newsletter.

I just heard that emeriti can use their tuition waiver to audit classes.

Yes, this is true. Emeriti can audit classes using their tuition waiver. Obtain a form from the HR department or access the form online - Click here.

I heard that emeriti can have a parking pass. How do I get one?

Visit Public Safety to obtain your parking pass. Bring your identification card to assist in verifying your status. You will need a valid driver's license as well as a current vehicle registration.

What's this I hear about a discount at The Rock?

Emeriti members receive the faculty/staff rate at The Rock. You must show a valid Emeriti ID card to receive the discount.

I just got the membership directory, and my information is wrong. How do I correct this?

Our directory information comes from the advancement services office database. They receive the information from Human Resources when you retire. Sometimes the information is either outdated or not exactly how you would like it listed. This can be fixed easily by contacting the Emeriti Office - click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page.