The Humanities exam is composed of 140 questions to be answered within 90 minutes. The exam questions are divided about equally between literature and fine arts and includes these topics:

  • poetry
  • prose
  • philosophy
  • history of art, music, dance, and theater.

Students should consider attempting this exam if they

  • know factual information in the aforementioned areas
  • can associate techniques with certain writers, schools, artists, or periods
  • understand and interpret literary passages and art reproductions.

Computer-based Scoring: CLEP computer-based (CBT) exams are scored without a penalty for incorrect guessing. The raw score--the number of correct responses--is translated into a scaled score. The scaled scores for CLEP CBT are reported in a range from 20 to 80.

At Ferris, candidates taking the Humanities exam earn credit for a score of 50 or higher.

Course(s) and Credits

  • Humanities Elective
    3 credits

Note: Credits apply to 100-level courses only and meet the cultural enrichment component of the general education requirements.