Registration and Academic Guide 2015-2016

Registration Tips

Carefully read all the instructions for registration. Each class section has a distinct Course Reference Number (CRN). Be careful to select the correct CRN for each class on your worksheet. If you enter an incorrect CRN you will get an incorrect class. To avoid possible day/time conflicts, carefully layout your schedule before you begin registering. All meeting times must be considered when selecting a lecture/lab course or classes with SLA workshops.

Do not try to register prior to your assigned day. The system is programmed to prevent students from registering before their assigned day. Also, if you have a financial, housing, health center, disciplinary, or advising hold, the system will not allow you to register until the hold(s) are released by the area that placed the hold on your record.

If the system tells you that either your student User Name or Password is invalid, you should refer to the instructions on the front page of MyFSU or contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 231-591-4822.

You cannot register for classes requiring a department permit or an override for a closed section. You will need to contact the appropriate departmental office for approval and enrollment in these classes.

Students must satisfy course prerequisite requirements before the system will allow registration to take place. Some ways to accomplish this are: (1) pass the prerequisite course with the required minimum grade in a previous semester, (2) transfer the equivalent course, (3) be currently enrolled in the prerequisite course, (4) have the required minimum ACT or SAT score indicated.

If you register for a class with variable credit, the minimum number of hours will be entered into the system. Should you elect to take more than the minimum hours, you will need to have that request processed at the appropriate departmental office.

The system will only allow you to register for a maximum of 19 credits. If you are on academic probation, you are limited to a maximum of 14 credits. To register for more than the maximum amount of credits allotted, you must receive approval from your academic advisor or dean's office.

Remember the importance of protecting your registration records. Keep both your student User Name and Password confidential.

Users of the FSU registration system are expected to respect the right to privacy of each individual. A student's User Name and Password are the property of that student and are to be used only by that student. Any misuse of the system may result in discipline, including but not limited to, termination of access of the system, suspension, dismissal, legal action, or other disciplinary action.

Non-Degree Student Registration

Retention and Student Success Unit RSS provides part-time students with a streamlined way to early register for classes on the FSU campus. An admitted student wishing to enroll in a non-degree status, may register through the RSS Student Services Office located in Arts and Science Commons (ASC) 1048. Enrollment is restricted to a maximum of 9 credits per term and a total of 15 credits as a non-degree student. To early register, follow the steps listed below. In order to register for classes, you must be currently admitted to FSU. If you are not already admitted to the University you can complete the process by accessing Ferris website to complete an on-line application.


You may receive advising assistance and have your advising hold cleared by contacting RSS Student Services Office in ASC 1048 or calling 231-591-3716 to talk to an advisor. If you are a continuing student, you may register anytime on or after your assigned registration date or during late registration. You can find your registration date on your student MyFSU account.

If a student determines she/he is not going to attend Ferris the student needs to drop their schedule. This can be done by the student by going on-line anytime prior to the first day of the term. After that point in time the student must contact the Registrar’s Office to process a total withdrawal.

Tuition Payment

If you register at least one month prior to the start of the term, an invoice will be listed on our student computer system. If you schedule classes after that time, an invoice will NOT be sent. Failure to receive an invoice is not a basis for non-payment of tuition. You can check on-line by selecting MyFSU from our home page for your account information and pay on-line, or you can pay at the Timme Center for Student Services by the due date to avoid a financial penalty. If you do not pay the minimum charges by the close of business on the last day of late registration, your class schedule may be cancelled. If you initially register on or after the first day of the semester, a $100 late fee may be charged in addition to normal tuition and fees.