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of financial aid. An insert with your award notice will
provide important information, including details about
types of aid and instructions for responding to the award
offer. You will be notified via your MyFSU email account if
any changes are made after your initial award.
What if I am not offered enough aid to cover my
If you have filed a FAFSA and were not offered enough
federal, state and institutional aid to cover your cost of
attending Ferris, alternative loan options are available to
help you and your family pay for your education.
Two types of loans fall into this category. For dependent
students, the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is one
option. The Parent PLUS Loan is offered by the federal
government to assist parents in paying for their children’s
education. The Parent PLUS Loan has a low fixed interest
rate and flexible repayment options. Payments may be
deferred until the student is out of school or started
immediately. The Parent PLUS Loan is the easiest
alternative loan option to qualify for. However, a 4.288
percent processing fee applies. If the Parent PLUS
Loan is denied, students may qualify for an additional
unsubsidized loan of $4,000 to $5,000 per year, depending
on the student’s grade level.
Ferris State University also has researched alternative loan
options and provided a list of preferred alternative loan
lenders, including several that offer fixed interest rates.
These lenders are recommended because their interest
rates, fees and, most importantly, their customer service
standards are among the best in the industry. For more
information please refer to the Ferris State University
Preferred Lender Policy and Ferris State University
Preferred Lender Code of Conduct Policy in the Alternative
Loan section of our website
Are there any student job opportunities available on
Ferris State employs more than 2,000 students each
semester. Students are employed as food service workers,
residence hall personnel, grounds assistants, office
workers and in a multitude of other positions. Some
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