Financial Aid
How To Determine Your Summer Aid Eligibility
  1. Log into MyFSU
  2. Select the Academics and Services tab
  3. Student Records channel
  4. Select "Unofficial Academic Transcript"
    1. In the Transcript Level Box enter "All Levels"
    2. In the Transcript Type Box enter "Unofficial Transcript"
    3. Click "Submit"
  5. Scroll down to the Transcript Totals section of your Unofficial Academic Transcript
    • Make note of your "Total Earned Hours."
    • Scroll down to Courses in Progress. Add the total number of credit hours you are currently enrolled in for Spring to your Total Earned Hours. Do not include any classes you have withdrawn from.
    • If you will have 0 -25 Earned Hours you are considered a freshman.
    • If you will have 26-55 Earned Hours you are considered a sophomore.
    • If you will have 56 or more Earned Hours you are considered a Junior or Senior.
  6. Look at this chart to determine your annual Direct Loan eligibility, note that the amounts are different for dependent and independent students:5

    Grade Level Dependent Independent
    Freshman $5500 total Direct Loan $9500 total Direct Loan
    Sophomore $6500 total Direct Loan $10,500 total Direct Loan
    Junior and Senior $7500 total Direct Loan $12,500 total Direct Loan
  7. Review your financial aid award notice for 14/15. (Academics and Services; Financial Aid Awards; Award for Aid Year)
    • Compare the total amount of Direct subsidized and/or unsubsidized loan you received for Fall and/or Spring semesters to the chart in Step 6. If you did not receive your annual loan limit in Fall and Spring, you will be offered the remainder in Summer.
    • If you used all of your annual loan limit for Fall and Spring, you will not be offered any Direct Loan for Summer and may have to resort to Alternative Loan options for Summer.
    • You will only be eligible for Pell Grant in the Summer if you were awarded Pell Grant for Fall and/or Spring but were not enrolled  full time.
  8. Summer registration begins in January, however, you will not receive an award notification for Summer semester until early April. There is no Summer financial aid application. Register for at least six credit hours and we will automatically review your file for eligibility.