Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are available to fill the gap between the cost of attendance and the student's financial aid award. The first step in choosing an alternative loan option is to determine who the borrower will be. 

Ferris State University carefully monitors the student loan industry and provides information on both federal and private alternative loans to help families make informed decisions. There is no "best option" that works for every family. 

Ferris State publishes a "Preferred Lender List" of private lenders that we believe represent the best options available in the student loan industry. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to Frequently Asked Questions, information about how we select lenders for this list, a "Code of Conduct" for those lenders, and other information you may find helpful.

STEP ONE: The first step in choosing an alternative loan is to determine who the borrower will be. Please read the description of the borrower options below and select the option that you believe works best for your situation. 

PARENT - (Biological, custodial or stepparents of students) 

SPONSOR - (Any credit-worthy individual who is willing to assume loan debt for a student)

STUDENT - (Any enrolled student). Credit-worthy cosigner is required for most alternative loan options.