How To Request IRS Tax Transcripts or Complete IRS Data Retrieval

If you have been selected for the Verification Process, you must provide tax data directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

Acceptable Methods of Submitting IRS Tax Data

1) By Completing IRS Data Retrieval OR

2) By submitting Tax Return Transcripts . Photocopies of tax returns are not acceptable for this process.


  • You cannot provide tax documentation or complete verification until the IRS has processed your tax return. 
    • For individuals who file their tax returns electronically, it is typically 2-3 weeks from the filing date.
    • For taxpayers who mail their returns to the IRS, it is typically 6-8 weeks before data retrieval is an option.
    • For taxpayers who are paying the IRS (not receiving refunds) you will not be able to complete the verification process until June. The IRS will not process your return until June, even though your check may have already cleared your bank.


  • It will be helpful to have a copy of your tax return available when you use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in your FAFSA.
  • The IRS Data Retrieval software is case-sensitive and abbreviation-sensitive
  • Your name will auto-populate on the IRS Data Retrieval form.
    • If your middle initial is on your tax return, you will have to add it to the IRS Data Retrieval form.
    • If your tax return information was typed in ALL CAPS, make sure the information on the IRS Data Retrieval form is also in ALL CAPS; If your tax return is in sentence case, make sure the IRS Data Retrieval form is also in sentence case.
    • Do not include punctuation such as periods on the IRS Data Retrieval Form.
    • Carefully enter address information as it appears on your tax return, excluding punctuation.
    • If you have moved since your tax return was filed, even if you have reported the address change to the IRS, you should enter the address on the original return.
    • IRS Data Retrieval Video


  • Request a "Tax Return Transcript" of your federal income tax return:
  • The IRS produces more than one type of transcript. Only Tax Return Transcripts are acceptable to complete the verification process.