Services & Amenities

Computer Labs 
Residence Hall computer labs are intended for building residents only. Any unauthorized use of computer labs will result in disciplinary action. Keys for residence hall computer labs can be obtained from the front desk by providing an official Bulldog ID card. Halls have policies pertaining to the utilization of their labs. Please make yourself aware of these policies. If you experience problems in the labs, refer to the policies and procedures posted in that lab.  Students must abide by the microcomputer lab policies and procedures established for the residence hall labs if they choose to use these facilities.

Deliveries (Food, Flowers, Packages, etc.)
Local food establishments may only deliver orders to the lobby. Room deliveries are not permitted. Flowers and packages are delivered to the front desks of the individual halls and students are notified via their mailboxes. Apartment and Suites delivery are made to the West Campus Community Center.

Dining Centers 
Dining center access is generally available from 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM or later, in various locations on campus. Exact hours of operation are posted in each dining unit or food court. Menus and hours of operation are available by dialing F-O-O-D (x3663), and on the Dining Services web home page. Students must present their Bulldog ID Card to gain entry into the dining centers and at food court cash registers.

Meal Plan changes may be made during the first two weeks of classes of every semester at the Dining Services Office. A fee is assessed for all meal plan changes. The new meal plan will be prorated from the day of the change.

Take-out meals are available for students who are ill. A friend may obtain a take-out meal for the ill student by presenting their ID and the meal pass, obtained from the hall directors, to the dining center checker.

Dining Services offers nutrition and dietary counseling with a registered dietitian. Special diets can be accommodated, by making an appointment with the dietitian at x2209.

University furniture assigned to the room or suite (such as desks, chairs, beds, and dressers) is the student’s responsibility. All items present at the time of check-in must be present and in original University order at checkout. The University will not store student room furniture.

Non-residents of a building are not permitted to walk freely without an escort.  Any guest or visitor of a resident must be escorted by their resident host.  Courtesy telephones are available to guests or visitors at the front door of each building.

Laundry Facilities 
Laundry facilities are available on a first-come, first-serve basis except where a sign up sheet system is utilized. To ensure the safety of possessions, it is recommended that residents remain with their laundry throughout the laundering process. The University is not liable for any damaged or stolen property.

Mail and Mailing Address 
Tampering with mail is a crime and should be reported to the Hall Director, Student Conduct, and/or FSU Department of Public Safety. Each semester, during registration, students are required to report their correct home address. Any changes in residence must be reported to the Housing Services Office within three days. All USPS packages too big for your mailbox must be picked up at the post office, West Campus Community Center or residence hall front desk accordingly.