The student may appeal the outcome of the hearing by submitting a notice of appeal.  Only the student may submit an appeal on their behalf. Appeals submitted by any other party will not be considered. Appeals for outcomes of less than suspension are reviewed by the Dean of Student Life.  Appeals for outcomes of suspension or dismissal are reviewed by Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee. All appeals should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct for administration.

  1. The appeal must be filed in writing by the appeal deadline date stated in the written outcome of the hearing.  Appeals must meet one of the following criteria:
    1. Failure by the hearing officer or committee to afford the student due process, or a procedural error in the hearing which may have been substantial enough to change the case outcome; and/or
    2. The discovery of substantive new evidence which was unknown to the accused student (or the victim of sexual misconduct) at the time of the hearing that could have a significant effect on the case outcome.
    3. The severity of the sanction (ONLY in cases that result in suspension or dismissal from the University).

      NOTE: Simply not wanting to be sanctioned or disagreeing with the sanction is not grounds for an appeal.
  2. An appellate officer or board shall adjudicate appeals as designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.
  3. Upon review of the written appeal material, the appellate officer or board may recommend one of the following options for approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee:
    1. If the grounds for appeal have been sufficiently satisfied and the appeal is accepted, one of the following will occur:
      1. The case shall be remanded back to the original hearing officer or committee with specific instructions to correct a procedural error and reconsider the case;
      2. The case shall be remanded back to the Office of Student Conduct for a new hearing before a different hearing officer or committee; or
      3. The sanction may be modified.
    2. If the grounds for appeal have not been sufficiently satisfied, the original decision shall remain.
  4. In unique circumstances, there may be times in which an appellate officer and/or board, in conjunction with Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee, may adjust or amend a sanction outcome.
  5. Each student shall be limited to one appeal and shall not be entitled to appeal her/his case from one appellate officer to another. The decision of the appellate officer shall be final.
  6. If a student has submitted an appeal, he/she may continue to go to class and engage in customary University activities (unless otherwise stipulated) until an appeal decision is made.