Student Complaint Processes

The University has established processes for students to file a formal complaint, when necessary, to address and resolve their concerns. Complaints against another student that allege a violation of University policy should be submitted to the Office Student Conduct or the Department of Public Safety (see page 8). Although not an exhaustive list, students with complaints of another nature should explore the following possible avenues.

  1. Academic Programs (such as advising, instruction, the library, or course requirements). Please refer to the Academic Affairs policy for student complaints at this location:
  2. Student Affairs (such as Admissions and Records, Birkam Health Center, Career Services, Commencement, Dean of Student Life, Enrollment Services, Institutional Research and Testing, Multicultural Student Services, Orientation, Personal Counseling Center, Rankin Student Center, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Student Conduct, Student Employment, Student Leadership and Activities, and University Recreation). Please refer to This Guide to Helping Students Resolve Their Complaints at this location:
  3. Dining Services Please call the Department of Dining Services at 231-591-2210.
  4. Housing (such as residency requirement exceptions and housing contract issues) Please call 231-591-3745 or visit:
  5. Department of Public Safety (parking ticket appeals, citizen’s complaints). Please call 231-591-5000.