Witness Information

Information for Witnesses Involved in Student Conduct Hearings

Points to keep in mind when appearing as a witness during a disciplinary hearing being held by the Ferris State University Office of Student Conduct:

  1. Witnesses will be asked to make comments regarding the specific incident in question. Any additional comments that are relevant to the specific incident being considered should focus on leaving out opinions, presumptions, or guesses.
  2. Witnesses may be asked questions by the accused student(s) and/or the complaint(s). These questions may be routed through the Hearing Officer(s). Witnesses may also be asked questions by the Committee members. The role of witnesses is to answer questions, not ask them.
  3. Witnesses may be held accountable through the University disciplinary process if implicated in a violation of a University policy or regulation. For example, false testimony or personal involvement in the incident being reviewed could result in disciplinary action.
  4. Witnesses may not intimidate or be intimidated by participants in the hearing. Such behavior should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct immediately (231) 591-3619, or the Department of Public Safety, (231) 591-5000, immediately.
  5. Disciplinary hearings may be recorded. This recording will be the sole property of the University.