Disciplinary Process




A person files a report with the Office of Student Conduct (OSC)
Reports can be filed by students, faculty, or staff.
Report is entered into the OSC Database by Residence Hall Staff or OSC
Director of OSC or Designee   University Committee on Discipline
- Meet with the student   - Meet with the student
- Clarify student rights    OR            
- Clarify student rights
- Review the report   - Review the report
- Hear the case information   - Hear the case information
- Determine if student is in violation   - Determine if student is in violation
- Issue sanction if warranted   - Issue sanction if warranted
Letter of decision and sanction is sent.
Student accepts decision.   OR Student submits appeal.
Case closes.   Subject to conditions of policy.
Appeals for sanctions of suspension or dismissal are considered by the Assoc. VP of
Student Affairs while other appeals are considered by the Dean of Student Life. All appeals should
be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Conduct by the communicated deadline.
Disciplinary Process Flowchart


Office of Student Conduct

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