Campus Conduct Process vs. Court/Legal System

The campus conduct process is very different from the criminal law process although there are some areas that may appear to be similar. Students are expected to observe national, state, and local laws as well as University rules, regulations, and policies as they are accountable to both systems.

Standards of Responsibility or Proof

Campus: "Preponderance of evidence" (strong appearance of facts)
Criminal: Beyond a reasonable doubt (no question about facts)

Materials Used in Process

Campus: All reasonable materials and information collected
Criminal: Evidence collection and use are under strict limits


Campus: Student may have a support person present, but the person may not participate in the actual conduct conference
Criminal: There is a right to counsel

Disciplinary Philosophy

Campus: Educational
Criminal: Punitive

Double Jeopardy

This is a Constitutional provision that does not apply to the administrative process of the campus conduct process.