Career Center
sei Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Student Employee Initiative students will acquire new skills and experiences, or practice and enhance existing skills important to career success. Listed below are the University-Wide Student Learning Outcomes approved by the Academic Senate with examples of competencies that support the main student learning outcomes.

  • Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World
    • civility
    • information literacy
    • interpersonal skills
    • understanding how decisions are made in a complex work environment
    • understanding workplace dynamics and expectations
    • valuing and understanding workplace diversity

  • Intellectual and Practical Skills
    • adapting knowledge, skills and responsibilities
    • informed decision-making
    • problem solving
    • phone etiquette
    • resolving arguments and conflicts
    • respecting confidentiality
    • teamwork and group dynamics
    • thinking critically
    • verbal and written communication skills
    • working as a team member and independently

  • Personal and Social Responsibility
    • customer service skills
    • dependability
    • effective social interactions
    • ethical reasoning and action
    • managing counter-productive emotions in the workplace
    • professionalism
    • punctuality
    • responsibility
    • respect
    • taking initiative
    • time management
    • understanding professional values and career goals
    • work-life balance issues

  • Integrative Learning
    • accepting feedback and constructive criticism
    • participating in workplace performance processes including informal and formal evaluations