Graduate School Resources

Attending Graduate school is a very important decision.  It can be the opportunity to your dream job or a promotion at your current career.  Think about what graduate program will give you the education you need and what university will offer it.  Consider if you have the time and commitment to obtain a graduate degree.  You can also stop by our office and pick up a copy of the latest Graduate School Guide.

Take a look at what Ferris State University offers for higher education.  Some online programs are available.

Graduate Programs at Ferris
More information can be found on the Ferris homepage

Interested in graduate programs other than at Ferris State University? Here are some helpful graduate school search engines to find the school that best fits your needs. is an online resource for graduate school & graduate program information.
Search for almost all graduate schools and degrees in the USA with the option to order free brochures, view books and applications.

A comprehensive, objective comparison tool to help people make quick and informed decisions about graduate schools. This site gives tools to help figure out the best school based on an individuals values.


Search graduate school with your specific criteria.  Compare what programs offer and their rankings.

Graduate School Guide
Graduate School Guide is a comprehensive directory of professional, graduate and doctoral degree programs located in the United States and Canada. Sections include financial aid information, distance learning programs and graduate test dates. More than 1,000 colleges and universities use Graduate School Guide to help their students with a genuine interest in postgraduate study.

*Print version available in our office, Helen Ferris Hall, Terrace Level.

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