Ferris State University Co-Curricular Transcripts

A 2009 Business Week article revealed that 50% of the top companies to launch your career stated that leadership was the number one quality they are looking for in employees. Even at our own Career Fair, 87% of employers stated leadership skills were important when considering an individual to hire. Employers are also very interested in hearing about a job candidate’s accomplishments instead of a general list of skills.

It is obvious effective leadership skills are the key to career success. The Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services supports this idea by encouraging students to learn about effective leadership, gain experiences, and continuously enhance these skills. These types of opportunities are available all over campus; in the classroom, in a student organization, in volunteer experiences, and attending speakers and conferences.

However, leadership skills and other significant accomplishments are only viable if you can effectively communicate this to an employer. For this reason, Ferris State University has implemented the opportunity to build a co-curricular transcript. The co-curricular transcript allows a student to OFFICIALLY track their activities at Ferris State. This benefits the student in two ways:

  1. Gives students the opportunity to self-assess their activities and make decisions to build their skills.
  2. It allows a student to deliver a verified official co-curricular transcript to an employer when being considered for a job opportunity.
I want this! Where do I start?

  • Sign-in and begin building your co-curricular transcript. The CLACS office manages the co-curricular transcript located within the OrgSync software system. Login to MYFSU go to Campus Life>Student Leadership and Activities channel and click on OrgSync. Step by Step Instructions: http://ferris.orgsync.com/CCT . Assistance is available in the CLACS office or look for training opportunities through-out the semester.


What goes on my co-curricular transcript?

  • Participation in a Registered Student Organization, preferably showcasing a leadership role
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Awards
  • Study Abroad experiences
  • Anything impacting your career possibilities that can be verified by an authorized person


I have my co-curricular transcript and I am ready to apply for a job?

  • Attach your co-curricular transcript to your resume or job application
  • Document stories related to your leadership experiences to use in the interview
  • Seek out help from the Career Center office to ensure you are selling your skills effectively.
  • Resume critique and mock interviews are great opportunities for this.