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Bid # Bid Name Due Date: Post Date: Status: Awarded To: 
15-027 Top Taggart Field Track Surface Replacement 3/18/15 2/27/15 Closed Star Trac Enterprise LLC
15-032 Engineering Services for West Campus Electrical Loop 4/16/15 3/27/15 Open



Helen Ferris Dormitory Bldg Demolition

4/16/15 4/6/15 Closed

Cat 1: Dore & Assoc

Cat 2: Windemuller

15-037 Residence Hall Lighting Upgrades 4/29/15 4/15/15 Closed GreenBay Electric
15-040 Ferris Drive Outfall 5/13/15 4/20/15 Canceled No award: 15-040 bid request canceled.  
15-042 Clark & Vandercook Flooring Project 5/28/15 5/11/15 Open


15-044 Clark/Puterbaugh Front Desk and Ceiling Project 6/3/15 5/15/15 Open


15-043 Kendall College of Art and Design Renovations  5/29/15 5/18/15 Open


15-039 Profesional Services - Executive Search "Senior Director for Advancement"   6/11/15 5/21/15 Open


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