W9 Information

Every vendor must supply the Purchasing Department with a W-9 in order to be entered into the Banner System. A new W-9 is REQUIRED before another address to a vendor can be added. W-9's must be signed and dated to validate information by the vendor before being accepted by Purchasing.


Duplicates in our database are very difficult to resolve. Merging student or employee data when it exists on multiple IDs can be almost impossible and cause inconsistent reporting and in some cases dropped student schedules or vendors receiving checks at incorrect addresses.

Having the W-9 ahead of time will help insure that the Vendor information is getting added to Banner correctly and give us a unique identifier. It will assure all Vendors who need to receive a 1099 at the end of the year will receive one and that names are properly spelled as they are legally registered.

Vendors that DO NOT have to submit a W-9

Current Students (Please provide Banner ID#)

Current Faculty & Staff (Please provide Banner ID#)

W-9 Requirements:

Non-Ferris Person Refund: (non-taxable)

Refund: a fee paid by a person who did not receive the goods, service or class – Ferris State University needs to return their money.

What do I need? A signed W-9 with the last 4 digits of Social Security Number

Non-Ferris Person Reimbursements: (non-taxable)

Reimbursement: travel for grant related or employee candidate reimbursements.

What do I need? A signed W-9 with the last 4 digits of Social Security Number

Payment for Goods, Services or Travel that is an expense to the University

Any Company, Organization, Foundation, Etc. (Type will determine taxability)

What do I need? A signed W-9 with the all digits of Social Security Number / Employer Identification Number