Our Future

One of the greatest strengths of Ferris State University is that we are an academically nimble and responsive institution. We have had a long history of providing useful and relevant degrees to our students since the days of our founder Woodbridge N. Ferris. Today, our mission to prepare our students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning is evidenced through our numerous industry and professional partnerships, our career-oriented, broad-based education, and our ability serve our rapidly changing global economy and society through our qualified and prepared graduates.

As the landscape of higher education is ever-changing, our continuing ability to remain nimble and responsive will be paramount to our success. We must continue to act with intention as we explore how we might shape Ferris for our students of the future. Furthermore, our intentions need to reflect our commitment to our core values of collaboration, diversity, ethical community, excellence, learning, and opportunity as these represent the "core," or very essence, of who we are as a university community.

I have been asked by President Eisler to co-chair with Dr. Sandy Balkema a strategic planning process over the next year. Sandy and I, along with ten co-champions, have agreed to further explore together how our core values will truly shape the future of Ferris in our next strategic plan. Side-by-side, our co-champions will explore our core values with you, our campus and our external communities. We will listen to you and learn from your thoughts and ideas, and we will use what you share to guide strategic thinking. Ultimately, we hope to funnel the ideas we are able to gather into what will emerge as a strategic plan that has not only been developed based on your input but is something to which every member of Ferris' community can contribute in a meaningful way.

I hope you will join us on this journey.  Please share your thoughts and ideas as to how we might continue to be nimble and responsive to the needs of our students and workforce.  Together, we can achieve excellence for our collective future at Ferris State University.


Fritz J. Erickson, Ed.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs