Ferris State University's Strategic Plan

Since its founding in 1884, Ferris State University has successfully prepared students for careers and professions in a changing world. We continue to meet the challenges of the future and have established our strategic plan to guide the University in meeting the changing needs of Ferris students, Ferris employees, employers, the State of Michigan, and the Midwest region.

updated Fall 2011

Based on the suggestions and comments of faculty, students, staff, administrators, alumni, and others, Ferris State University has forged a mission statement that reaffirms its commitment to the success of its students, a statement of core values that guides our institutional life, and a vision statement to which we aspire. We are putting specific goals and initiatives into practice to enhance our students' educational experience, insure a welcoming community, sustain the financial position of the institution, provide quality learning and living facilities, enrich collaboration, and foster innovation. You can follow the Strategic Planning and Resource Council's (SPARC) progress on the Strategic Plan by reading the annual reports.

updated Spring 2014

How has information been gathered for the 2014 University Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Planning Committee gathered information to guide this plan in two major ways.  First, we spent several months conducting listening sessions with groups internal and external to Ferris, exploring our Core Values and future opportunities. Second, existing data and reports influenced our strategic thinking, including those listed below: