Enrollment Task Force Charge
Enrollment -
In examining this fall's enrollment data there are positive achievements in to be celebrated - the highest headcount in university history (12,575) and the best prepared new students we have ever admitted (21.3 ACT, 3.18 GPA), but there are also areas of concern. In Big Rapids there is a significant decline in new freshman students and out-of-state students. The result of these two factors is that while headcount is higher, student credit hours have declined from last year. For an institution heavily dependent upon tuition, there are serious long-term financial implications for our University if these trends continue. To deal with this challenge, the Blue Ribbon Task Force has a charge to provide recommendations that will first boost enrollment for spring semester, and then recommendations on initiatives to reverse these negative trends for next fall -
Task Force Charge
  • What can we do between now and January to make a difference in our Spring semester enrollment?
  • What can we do to make a difference in our enrollment between now and next Fall?
  • How do we work as an organization better?