Advising Task Force 2006
Advising -
One of the critical factors in student success is academic advising. With new administrative software, tools and electronic support for advising have changed. This group will build on the work of the 2005-06 Academic Advising Task Force convened by Vice President Michael Harris. The task force, co-chaired by Paul Blake from the College of Arts and Sciences and Deb Cox from University College, will focus on the Big Rapids campus, helping us improve the support we provide academic advisors, and ultimately providing better support to our students. Specifically, they will consider -
Task Force Charge
  • How do we advise - new students, undecided students, students who are changing majors, general education and program requirements, part-time students, and transfer students?
  • What is needed in terms of academic advising training materials and processes to support advising?
  • How do we develop stronger Internet-based technology for academic advising?
  • How do we prepare graduation audits?
  • What is the general satisfaction of faculty, staff, and students with advising?
  • How do we reward and provide recognition for advising?