Task Force Information 2006
Planning Task Force Presentations Founders' Room - December 15, 2006, 10:00am
Overall Task Forces Charge:
  • Benchmark best practice - Any planning effort should begin with a clear understanding of what we want to achieve. What is best practice and how can we adapt that for our university?
  • Identify internal resources and unique strengths - There is a tendency to sometimes look to others for assistance when the best examples and strengths are already here. Great organizations focus on their strengths and expand them, looking for the positive rather than negative.
  • Consider diversity implications - There is a tendency on campuses to focus one planning group on diversity. It is my experience that this can limit responsibility for diversity to that single entity when it is the responsibility of the entire organization.
  • Recommend strategic initiatives - In a three-year context what can we achieve?
  • Identify multiple small wins - In each area there are changes we can achieve now. In doing so we will build our institutional confidence through our combined success. Further we will demonstrate conclusively that planning does result in action.
  • Recommendations should be challenging, but achievable - Many of us have observed well-intentioned planning efforts that lost sight of reality.
  • Consider how we work together to achieve this - If we are to build a great future for our institution, it will require efforts that are inclusive and create shared responsibility.
  • Report in less than 60 days - Planning efforts should be time specific and not create a series of ongoing standing committees. Each group will develop a report which they will present to the campus in open sessions scheduled for December 15th . The materials developed will be posted and shared on the campus website.