Student Engagement Task Force 2005
#5 Student Engagement - engagement
  • Review and analyze data from the initial National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) on campus.
    • What does this say about engagement efforts on and off campus?
    • Are there other survey instruments that should be used beyond the NSSE?
  • Review calendaring processes on campus. How do we organize, disseminate, and use the university calendar effectively?
  • How do we connect and create new connections between
    • the classroom and extracurricular activities?
    • the campus and community?
Task Force Charge
  • Benchmark best practice
  • Identify internal resources and unique strengths
  • Consider diversity implications
  • Recommend strategic initiatives
  • Identify multiple small wins
  • Recommendations should be challenging, but achievable
  • Consider how we work together to achieve this
  • Report in 60 days