Pat on the Back Awards August 2009

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Shannon Yost for a pat on the back award. I just wanted to thank you for helping assist me throughout the Masters program. The help and support you have given me is truly outstanding. You have always been willing to talk with me, whether on the phone or in your office, and have re-arranged my hectic schedule at least a half a dozen times. Besides experiencing it first hand, I have heard similar comments from many people. I am not sure where the program would be without you. Once again thank you for your assistance.

I would like to nominate Richard King (FLITE third floor custodian) for a pat on the back award. Misplacing a wallet, especially when it has money, credit cards and IDs in it, would cause me more than a little stress--unless I knew it was in the hands of FLITE third floor custodian Richard King. I would like to nominate Rich for the Pride Committee's Pat-on-the-back award for immediately identifying, locating, and then contacting the Ferris student who recently lost his wallet in the library--before the student even knew his wallet was missing. Thank you Richard for helping us take such good care of our library patrons.

Although somewhat delayed, I have not forgotten the unexpected and much appreciated effort JEFF GABALIS made to ensure that a series of videotapes were converted to DVD's in the late afternoon and evening of December 23, 2008. What is even more remarkable is that he had spent his lunch hour providing a Holiday Concert for a group of special needs individuals. He was patient, helpful and totally focused on the job at hand - not that almost everyone else had left campus for the Holiday Season Break. We were there until 6:30!! I noticed that Jeff has received other Pat-on-the-Back awards and I can understand why. In light of his extraordinary service to the University and previous Pat-on-the-Back awards, it seems an even more significant recognition is deserved. I would be very happy to nominate him for what ever the next level of award is.

All of the staff of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid deserve a POTB (Terri Bloomquist, Sara Dew, Sheri Edstrom, Carla Erlewine, Kim Galloway, Chris Higley, Laurie Kilbourne, Debbie Lunsted, Sue Mumby, Melanie Mulder, John Randle, Janet Romanowski, Linda Stevens, Phil Tetsworth, Nancy Walcutt, Nancy Wencl, Brenda White, Kristi Williams, Rob Wirt, and Heather Youngs). They serve students at the most difficult time in recent history. Phil Tetsworth and Rob Wirt have repackaged 186 students whose families have lost their jobs. The stories they hear are incredibly sad: sobbing fathers, families that must leave their children with relatives to seek work, and a family that had to have their daughter's braces removed because they could not pay the orthodontist.

I would like to nominate Heather Youngs for a Pat-On-The-Back award for her innovative idea of having financial aid counselors over in IRC during orientation. She stuck to her plan, organized schedules and devoted extra time to make sure that the students' needs were met. Way to go Heather!

Valentina Sosa deserves a pat on the back. The Mecosta County Emergency Room called our office regarding a patient that had just arrived via ambulance in but spoke only Spanish and they needed someone to come and be a translator for them. Valentina, a student worker for the International Center, gladly went to the hospital and spent several hours while the patient received the needed care.

On Friday, July 24th, Dining Services served over 1200 people for Dinner, 900 of those folks were bikers for the Wish a Mile program, some were campers and the rest were students attending classes for the summer. I would like to take a minute to say thank you to our student workers who showed up and were willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help us with that amazing task: David Hollyfield, Charlie Wilson, Brittany Clark, Layne Smedley, Jessica Barnes, Jessica Sehy, Frances Kiio, Mindy Bouman, Kristen Johnson, Maticha Chikohora, Marziah Hasimi, Sam Lambright, Cassie Harriman, Jacob Baker, Talesha Belcher, Keeveah Showers, Michelle Salvati, Theresa Salvati, Que O'Neal, Eric Marshall, Kara Myers, Corey Pierson, Chris Foos and the Catering students (Amiee Guild, April Carter, Candice Lewis, Chelsea Reynolds, Jeff Perkowski, Mark Terwillger, Michael Reynolds, Neil Jordan, Pam Vanalstine, Lena Yarrington and Margo Berke). Thank you all so very much, we really appreciate all of the help and blessings you have given us this summer.

Last week, a student in FLITE had a choking incident. Pam Lawrence, our evening worker that night was able to calm the person down and get them to breathe easier until the incident improved. Her quick and calm actions helped the student regain her breathing and eased a potentially stressful situation.

I would like to nominate Deborah Butterfield for the "Pat on the Back Award." She is located in the Southeast Michigan Office in Flint Michigan in a clerical position. Deb is an extremely talented person tackling a wide range of tasks and duties within the office. Often when tasks are given to her to complete, she reviews the steps and many times offers productive suggestions for improvement. She is a self-starter and does not need to be reminded or encouraged to complete tasks. She regularly completes jobs in half the time expected; her short turnaround time on projects is astounding. She has also demonstrated extreme professionalism and sensitivity when dealing with students that come into our office. She is a wonderful asset to the Ferris Team in Flint.