Shredding Documents

Another recycling option that is available around campus is shredding documents. There are several receptacles around campus. It should be noted that confidential documents may be put into these secure containers as the vendor shreds them onsite.

What can be put in the shredding document containers?

  • Confidential Documents
  • Paper / Magazines
    • Any color, with anything on it
  • Newspapers
  • Binders (must be left on top of the bin)

If there is an item too big to fit inside the bin you must get a green sticker from the Mail Center, place it on the item, and then put the item on top of the bin. Also, if an item is accidentally dropped into a shredding document container that shouldn’t be in there, please contact the Mail Center at x2161.

Where are the shredding document containers located?

  • Racquetball Center -Dining Services South Commons
  • Birkham Health Center
  • Music Center
  • Alumni 110 -West
  • Granger -McKessy
  • Arts & Science Commons
  • Starr Educational Center
  • Helen Ferris
  • Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education (FLITE)
  • Timme Center for Student Services
  • Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC)
  • Copy Center
  • Ewigleben Sports Complex
  • Physical Plant
  • Heavy Equipment
  • West Campus Community Center
  • Michigan College of Optometry (MCO)
  • Bishop Hall
  • West Commons Community Center (WCCC)
  • Public Safety
  • Pharmacy
  • Victor F Spathelf Center (VFS)
  • College of Business
  • Knollcrest/PGM
  • Johnson Hall
  • National Elastomer Center (NEC)
  • Swan Building
  • Automotive Center
  • Prakken Building
  • Science Building
  • Corporate & Professional Development (CPD)
  • Rock Café
  • Student Recreation Center (SRC)


Note:   We ask that NO outside items be brought in to be recycled. Please only use the Ferris recycling receptacles for waste on Ferris campus.

Last updated: 06-06-2013