University Center Renovation Project Scope Elements

During the second half of 2011 the University Center Renovation Visioning Task Force coordinated campus wide conversations and input on program and service elements for the Rankin University Center Renovation Project.  This effort was augmented by consulting expertise from Brailsford & Dunlavey.  Through this process input was sought and received from students, faculty, staff, and community members about the proposed project.  As is true in all projects there are many very worthy views of what should be in the final project.  The following outlines the President’s Council's approved scope of October 17, 2012.  It is recognized that the final scope will be adjusted once the program planning is nearing completion and more information is available on scope elements sizing and related cost estimates.

Scope Elements anticipated to be in the final design 

  1. Design elements that would cause the food court or other portions of the building to have the same kind of draw and interaction as is found in the Rock Café
  2. Space to bridge academic and student engagement
  3. Comfortable seating spaces for social interaction
  4. Social lounge area for interaction (to include a few TV)
  5. Coffee house for social interaction, with small performance area
  6. Food Court
  7. Convenience Store
  8. Bookstore
  9. Commuter focused space(s), function(s), and service(s) to include study spaces and lockers
  10. 24x7 Information Center to include some computers, printing center and flexibility to repurpose in the future
  11. Office space for selected student organizations with supporting production area (includes Political engagement/democracy space)
  12. Multi-purpose meeting rooms (including a large meeting room of approximately 400 seats with ability to divide into 3 spaces of 120 seats each)
  13. Mid-sized space (approximately 250 seats) designed as multi-purpose space (possibly incorporated with item #12)
  14. Nice meeting space for presentations for 50-75 people with higher end finishes and AV capabilities.
  15. Red Box or other portable movie rental kiosk
  16. Place to get a visitor parking pass
  17. Dean of Students (Student Affairs Offices, Rankin (UC) Support Staff Offices)
  18. ATM
  19. Career Services Merged with Student Leadership Activities
  20. First lady’s Attic (near Career Services)
  21. Art Gallery
  22. Info Desk  (plan to have an information desk in building)
  23. Better solution to the stage in the Quad
  24. Copy/Print Center (modest scope, may be incorporated into the information center)
  25. Shaded Patios and outdoor seating area
  26. FSU Historical display wall & showcase managed by the university Historical Task Force

Scope Elements that will not be in the final design  

  1. Writing/Tutoring Center
  2. Child Care Services
  3. Housing/Residence Life offices
  4. Service learning office
  5. Multi-cultural Center (OMSS)
  6. Office of International Students
  7. Bowling Alley
  8. Satellite Recreation Center
  9. Post Office
  10. Bank/Credit Union
  11. Sit down restaurant
  12. Salon/Barber Shop
  13. Night Club/Dance Club (non-alcoholic)
  14. Sports Bar (non-alcoholic)
  15. Large screen TV lounge
  16. Billiard/Game room
  17. Video Game lounge
  18. Table tennis
  19. Outdoor performance venue
  20. Ticket office (University events)
  21. Space for arts/crafts
  22. Alumni Center
  23. The Torch
  24. Student artwork store as part of the Art Gallery

Last updated: 11-01-2012