University Center Lounge Furniture Expo

The University Center Lounge Furniture Expo started on October 1, 2013 University Center Lounge Furnitureand will take place over the course of the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. As part of this event, students, staff, faculty, alumni and other members of the campus community are welcomed to give their feedback on the types of furniture they would like to see in the public and lounge spaces at the new University Center.

The public and lounge spaces inside of the University Center will serve as the "living" room of campus. These spaces are meant to promote many uses - meeting, living, dining, and studying to name a few - and are intended to be a destination for the entire campus community. Lounge spaces offer a variety of choices - a mix of lounge seating, tables and chairs, as well as public and private seating areas support a wide variety of use. Furniture layouts will support individual studying and collaborative group work, with access to technology incorporated into the furniture.

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