Scott Thede, Director of the Technology Assistance Center

Scott has been employed at Ferris since Scott Thede 1984; first as a student employee in computer labs for the School of Technology at Ferris State College. As Ferris developed from a college to a university and the different schools moved to colleges, Scott advanced to a part-time and then full-time computer technician/systems integrator and then a computer support manager for the College of Technology in 1996. In 1999, then President Sederburg asked Scott to startup a new administrative computer support department as various support areas merged together to form computer consortia. After successfully starting up this new area, he moved on to manage the largest of the four consortia, for the Colleges of Business and Technology. In 2004, Scott was approached by the vice presidents to manage a consolidation of all three academic computer consortia. A few years later, most administrative customers were added to this support area to make a single department for customers to receive desktop support university-wide. In 2010, desktop support and the Technology Assistance Center were consolidated and Scott was promoted to a director to lead this larger area.

Scott received an associates degree in Industrial Electronics in 1986. He received a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering in 1993. In 2006, Scott graduated with a masters in Business Administration and a certificate in Management Tools and Techniques. Scott is certified as a Balanced Scorecard Master Professional.

In 1996, Scott received the distinguished staff award for Ferris State University. In 2006, he received the College of Business Student Excellence Award.