Project Management

Summary:  The significance of project management has become increasingly important for the University and Information Technology Services. The combination of reduced financial and human resources and a desire to move more quickly on initiatives requires even more effective project planning. Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals. In developing this University Plan for IT, the estimated costs and schedules for the initiatives were, by necessity, only high-level estimates. Once approved, each must undergo a rigorous project management assessment, following Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices, to refine the scope, timelines, and budgets. The benefits of the process include improved communications, customer satisfaction, and quality of completed projects.

IT Services has established project management processes and practices for technology projects. To view our project management practices click on the link below.

>> IT Project Management

IT Services has recently worked with Michigan College of Optometry to review our process which included project managment as part of continous quality improvement.

Last updated: 02-26-2013