FY15 Projects

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% Complete Comments

Improve desk side support. Hire 4 PT staff in TAC (3 years).

100 In Fy14, the staffing plan was modified form four PT temporary desktop support technicians to two FT temporary and two PT temporary technicians. You can read the complete strategy here.
11 Formalize TAC 24x7 sercives (external) 100 IT services entered into an agreement with a vendor to provide evening, weekend and holiday telephone support for students, faculty, and staff. 
12 IT Network infrastructure: ongoing updates 20 Network upgrades continue.
13 Upgrade wireless networks in academic buildings 20 Wireless upgrades continue.
17 University Web Server 33 Due to the approval of the MyFSU upgrade, this project will be re-evaluated to determine how both MyFSU and the University web site will interact.
19 Increase use of student employees (10) 100 All students have been hired and are deployed to customer support locations per our Academic alignment strategy. You can read the complete strategy here.
27 PC Replacement 40 The new team approach was used for both rounds. The first for all non-academic divisions completed 99 new installs. The second that is currently underway waiting for the colleges to return selection lists has 254 computers, that includes Kendall College for the first time.

Last updated: 11-05-2014