Tuition Waiver Eligibility

Full time employees, who fulfill all admission requirements, may take advantage of the University's Tuition Waiver Program. Employees must have a satisfactory job performance evaluation, and in some cases, the course must be related to the employee's job.

Spouse/dependents eligibility as follows:
  • He/she is eligible employee's natural or adopted child who was 24 years of age or less on the first day of classes for that semester.
  • He/she is eligible employee's stepchild who was 24 years of age or less on the first day of classes for that semester AND is claimed by the employee as a dependent on their federal income tax return.
  • He/she is spouse of an eligible employee.
  • Guidelines set forth by the current collective bargaining agreement, as applicable.


Eligible employees may take a maximum of nine (9) credits per semester, not to exceed twenty-four (24) credit hours per calendar year at no cost to the employee. Special or incidental fees, such as music fees, special course fees, etc., are the employee's responsibility. One (1) course may be taken during regularly scheduled hours, in accordance with conditions of enrollment listed on the reverse side, if approved by your supervisor.

A new tuition waiver form must be completed for the each academic semester upon registration for classes. Failure to complete a new tuition waiver form could result in a student's class schedule being dropped.

Last updated: 06-12-2013