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Odds & Ends


To apply for a parking permit you will fill out a request form during new employee orientation. Human Resources will contact Department of Public Safety and you will be sent a parking permit to your home address.

Additional information about parking permits, including replacements, may be found here.


Please bring your driver’s license with you to verify your identification.

Everyone employed by the University should obtain a University ID card. Your ID card is required to utilize various university services, to obtain certain discounts, as well as provide access to certain campus facilities. You can obtain a University ID card at the Timme Center.


Your department will request any necessary keys for you.

Network and Computing Access

Your department will fill out an access request form on your behalf.

Orientation Resources

Information on New Employee Orientation (NEO), including scheduling, instructions, and agenda, may be found here.

Do You Get Benefits?

Not all positions are eligible for benefits. If you are unsure as to what you are eligible for please contact our Benefits Specialist in Human Resources at 231-591-3877. If you are eligible, schedule a meeting with the Human Resources Benefits Specialist to obtain necessary information about benefits and insurance. Call 231-591-2150 to schedule an appointment.