Separating from FSU

Employees leaving the University must submit a written resignation or retirement notice. The required time frame in which to notify FSU is listed on the HRPP for each:

Bargaining Unit employees should refer to their contract.

Human Resources will contact all employees terminating from the University to set up an exit interview. This interview process is provide employees with information pertaining to pay, benefits and exiting the University.

Employee should turn in any FSU property by their last day of employment. Items include:

  • Keys
  • FSU ID Card
  • Computer, laptop, iPad, phones, etc. (turn into the department)
  • Library materials (turn into FSU Library)
  • Purchasing or Corporate Card

Employee should work with supervisor to ensure a smooth transition of electronic data, forwarding email and contact information.


For separation situations not outlined in this section, contact Human Resources for information/assistance.