Benefits for all Employees

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits vary depending upon employee type.  For more specific information, please view individual benefit plans by selecting "Benefits by Employment Type" under the "Benefits" link in the top navigation.

On-Campus Benefits

Faculty/Staff receive benefits to on-campus services and programs.  For more specific information, please contact the facility directly.


Off-Campus Benefits

Faculty/Staff also receive benefits in the form of discounts available from off campus sites.

  • Ford Partner Recognition
        Special Savings Opportunity
        Partner Code = FSUNV
  • Sprint Discount Program
        Put in your email address when you sign up for the 15% discount or
        bring your Ferris ID card to the Sprint store.
  • Verizon Employee Discount
         You must sign in to MyFSU / Workplace Tab / Employee Services and
         be on-campus to view this link.