Animal care per diem rates for research projects
Fiscal year 2014
Animal Housed individually Housed in a group
Mouse $0.85/day $0.67 /cage/day
Rat $0.49/day $0.45 /cage/day
Fish Not applicable $0.83 /tank/day


Please note the following:

1)  Per Diem rates cover the costs of basic husbandry (food, labor, bedding, cleaning).  Additional labor or supply needs may incur an additional charge. 

2)  Animal group size varies by species and habitat size. Please contact the Animal Care Coordinator for additional information.

3)  Rates provided are for research projects conducted by Ferris Faculty or Staff members.  Rates for department teaching protocols or non-Ferris Project Directors will be negotiated individually.

4) Animal care charges will be deducted from your research account at an interval to be determined by Finance Department.


Questions? Please contact Animal Care at 231-591-2246