Animal Care Personnel, IACUC, Researchers, Faculty, Staff, Etc.

Methods whereby deficiencies in animal care and treatment are reported, including deficiencies in animal care and treatment reported by any employee of the facility. No facility employee, Committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated against or be subject to any reprisal for reporting violations of any regulation or standards under the Act

Animal Welfare Act (as of Nov. 6, 2013)
As found in the United States Code
Title 7 – Agriculture
Chapter 54 – Transportation, Sale, and Handling of Certain Animals
Sections 2131 - 2159 



Issues of violations found in the animal care facility, research labs, or other areas must be reported in writing, using the “Animal Care and Use Concern Reporting Form.” This form can also be found in the Facility Manager’s office, in PHR 314A.

Reports can be made anonymously to:

Community IACUC member
Renee Kent
Phone: 231-629-2793


Attending Veterinarian
James Scott, DVM
ASC 2018
FSU Office: (231) 591-2620
Cell: (231) 250-7531