Academic Organization Core Review Team

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Academic Structure Core Review Team is to determine whether the current academic structure could deliver high quality education more effectively and efficiently through a reorganization of colleges, departments, and/or programs. If it is determined that changes would be beneficial, then a specific proposal would be made to the Academic Senate. It is understood that one possible outcome of the efforts of the committee is a recommendation of no change to the current academic structure. It has been agreed upon by the committee that if changes are to be made, then those changes must be realistic, logical, efficient, responsible, and sustainable. The quality of education throughout the institution should not be diminished; indeed, the experiences of students, and those of faculty, should be improved. The academic structure should operate smoothly, such that the management of academic units is efficient and effective. Any proposal for change should be implementable in the context of existing constraints; it must comply with current accreditation standards and existing contracts, and it must align with current operational procedures. Finally, the academic structure of the university must reflect the mission, vision, core values, history, and traditions of the institution.

Core Review Team Executive Summary and Modifications in Organizations Drafts