Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

Lori Armstrong - 2013 Outstanding Academic Advisor AwardThe Outstanding Academic Advisor Award annually recognizes a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated excellence in such areas as providing superior service to students and/or developing innovative advising strategies and tools that ultimately help students achieve success at Ferris State University. 

The 2013 Outstanding Academic Advisor Award Committee selected Lori Armstrong as the recipient of this award, noting Lori’s exceptional work with students in Ferris’ Music Industry Management (MIM) Program.

Lori’s award committee described her as a “one-stop advisor” who has the necessary resources to assist students and takes on the responsibility to help over 225 students in the (MIM) program with their academic degree plans. She assists students with internships and follows them through post-graduation. As a guest lecturer in one of the MIM courses, she has engaged students with the history of Woodbridge N. Ferris, assigning students the task of creating a marketing plan for Mr. Ferris as a creative way for students to connect with their University’s founder and his vision for this institution. She regularly demonstrates her care and concern for students and provides a tremendous level of support to the MIM program.

Lori’s personal philosophy to academic advising recognizes that advising extends beyond creating a schedule of classes. She perceives herself as a mentor, coach, and someone who is honest with students. She states that “students need a supportive and safe environment where they receive suggestions, corrections, encouragement, judgment, and advisement for their decision-making.” A “life-coach” for Ferris students, her impact has truly made a difference.

She was recognized by her students’ supporting nominations, in which she was stated to “genuinely care for her students.” Her students value the guidance she is able to provide, and stated that she was “dedicated, not only to our education, but our successes once we leave Ferris.”

Lori, we sincerely appreciate the tremendous impact that you have had on the lives of our students at Ferris State University. Congratulations on being chosen as the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Academic Advisor Award.

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