Outstanding Academic Advisor Award



The Outstanding Academic Advisor Award is given to an academic advisor who has demonstrated excellence in their advising services. This advisor provides a positive and committed attitude to students, develops innovative advising strategies and tools, attends advisor training sessions, symposiums, or conferences, and demonstrates effective interpersonal skills. The Outstanding Academic Advisor Award Committee chose to honor Susan McNamara, Academic Advisor to Retention and Student Success Students, with the award this year.

The letters we received that nominated Susan for this award truly express her sincere and unique approach to advising:

“Susan’s commitment to her advisees has been made evident to me in various ways over the years that we have worked together. She is always accessible, in her office or by telephone and email, she makes sure that the students know that they can contact her and expect a response in a short time. The fact that students who see me refer to Susan as ‘Ms. Mac’ is another testament to the positive connection that she makes with her advisees.”

“She doesn’t send students off with a phone number or office location to work out problems for themselves.  Instead, she helps them learn to navigate the system and has often made phone calls on behalf of her students or walk with them to the appropriate office to help explain what they need for assistance.”

“There have been many occasions when Susan has taken the time to walk a student over to the ECDS office for career testing or to Birkam for personal counseling or to the tutoring center for academic assistance.  Once again, she doesn’t send them, she takes them there.”

“Last spring, Susan noticed that one of her advisees in her seminar class appeared to not be feeling well.  When he shared that he was having chest pains, Susan took him to Mecosta Co. General for testing and helped in to contact his mother to inform her of the situation.  Susan ending up staying at the hospital with him until 11:30PM when he was diagnosed and released.”

Susan has a true passion for helping students and is committed to them completely. We greatly appreciate her dedication to her students, and are thrilled to call her the recipient of the 2014 Academic Advisor Award!

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