Outstanding First-Year Advocate

Joanne Robertson - Outstanding First-Year Advocate RecipientThe Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award recognized an individual who had made significant contributions to the academic and/or personal lives of first-year students as a role model and advocate.

In 2013, the Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award Committee selected Joanne Robertson as this recipient of this award.

Joanne supervised Helen Ferris Hall as well as Clark Hall, which housed the University's first-year experience (FYE) residential program.  Joanne's award committee shared the following insights as to why Joanne represented a truly outstanding first-year advocate for Ferris students:

"Joanne has done an amazing job during her three years at Ferris building the FYE program and really pushing it to its boundaries so that students are getting as much from it as they possibly can. Joanne is a selfless individual who makes herself available for any student or staff member who needs her help. She has meaningful conversations with students that help them reflect on themselves and their choices and learn and grow. She is selfless in making decisions for her students, wanting only what is going to be best for their success. Her dedication to her first-year students is evident in their transition and growth in their first year at FSU. She is a servant leader who contributes to the department through committee work and organizing her own creative projects from the prospective of the needs of a first-year student."

Joanne, we appreciate your selfless attitude and your leadership for our Ferris students. Congratulations on being chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award.


Former Recipients

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