Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award

Brooke Moore - 2013 Adjunct Teaching Excellence RecipientThe Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award recognizes an adjunct member of the Ferris faculty who has demonstrated excellence in teaching as evidenced by such things as students’ ratings of instruction, development of innovative teaching and learning strategies, devotion to the quality of students’ learning experiences, high scholarly standards, and evidence of creativity in instructional approach.

The 2013 Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award Committee recommended Brooke Moore as the recipient of this  honor. Brooke teaches in our Humanities department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Brooke's award committee noted, “We've chosen Brooke Moore for the award, because she shows an extraordinary ability to relate with students through inventive teaching techniques with proven success. Brooke has successfully engaged in a wide range of scholarly and service activities and uses her expertise to benefit both students and faculty. Brooke’s excellence in teaching is further represented by her wonderful course evaluations from the students she teaches, and she has received glowing written support of her excellence in teaching from numerous sources including fellow faculty, administrators and students. We feel Brooke is an excellence instructor who demonstrates evidence of outstanding teaching and a commitment to university service.”

One of Brooke’s students shared the following:

“It was my very first semester at college when I came into her class. I took her class with the highest recommendation from an upper classman who had taken her class. Prof. Moore did not disappoint. As most of us were freshmen, many had not had a previous speech class…Prof. Moore was always able to make us feel like we were ready for every speech we had to give. Every single person that I’ve talked to, and I mean every one, loved taking her class. I know that public (speaking) is one of the biggest fears of American society, but she made it less intimidating.

At the end of the course, I felt truly impacted. She gave us a pep talk on the last day of classes and used the quote, “Act as though what you do makes a difference, because it does.” That has stuck with me. I truly believe that her class changed me as a person. I not only feel more comfortable as a speaker, but I feel more confident as a person. I also know that I’ll have a friend on the faculty in Prof. Brooke Moore.”

Congratulations, Brooke, on being chosen as the recipient of the 2013 Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award and thank you for your outstanding commitment to engaging our students in the classroom.

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