FSU Internal Grant Opportunities

Ferris supports the development of new research directions and ideas through a number of internal grant programs. A summary table that shows the basic attributes of these programs can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

OAR Programs: Coordinated by the Office of Academic Research through the Research Support Subcommittee of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

  • The  Faculty Research Fellowship (FRF) program  aims to provide faculty with  additional time to develop or expand their research program at Ferris State University.

  • The Student Research Fellowship (SRF) is intended to promote collaborative research projects between faculty and students at Ferris State University in the summer months. The program provides a focused and intensive research experience for the student by supporting full time work for a period of 10 weeks.

  • The Student Research Assistant  (SRA) program is intended to support collaborative research projects between faculty and students at Ferris State University during the academic year (Fall and Spring; Summer excluded). The program is meant to encourage faculty to start or expand their own research, by providing them support to make progress during the busy academic year, and allow students to get research experience while they are enrolled full-time for classes. 

 Additional University-Wide Programs

  • The Faculty Research Grant allows faculty to pursue new research directions.  The Academic Senate program supports the initial or preliminary phases of a research project that may be necessary to seek funding from external sources.

  • The Ferris Foundation Exceptional Merit Grant can be used to support a wide variety of innovative projects that advance the mission of Ferris State University.  Supported areas  include (but are not limited to) pilot projects, research with students, and equipment that may support research or academic programs. 

  • The Professional Development Grant provides support for projects that develop the expertise of faculty in their disciplines and enhance their ability to engage students in the classroom.

  • The Timme Travel Grant Program provides financial support for faculty to attend or present at a conference with the goal of enhancing their teaching.  The conference focus may be discipline-specific (subject area conference), or directly related to the study of teaching and learning in the college classroom.

College-Specific Grant Opportunities

  • College of Pharmacy - The Alumni Board of Directors Scholarship Program
    funds projects that enhance faculty development, promote research with Pharmacy students, and improve pharmacy courses. Program details are included in the program description and application form.