Student Research Fellows
Summer 2011

Liala Al-Shatel, BS Biology/ Pre-Medicine

Faculty mentor: Dr. Mary Beth Zimmer-- Biological Sciences

Project title: Alligator & Rat Brainstems

Carli Denholm, BS Biology /Pre-Medicine

Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Hoerter, Biological Sciences

Project title: Zebrafish

Ewa Slotwinski, Biotechnology

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Scott Herron and Dr. Brad Isler, Biological Sciences

Project title: Wild Rice: Understanding Conservation Biology using Molecular Biology

Jason Wieczorek, Pharmacy

Faculty mentor: Dr. Tracy Boncher, Pharmacy

Project title: Solid Phase Synthesis of PPAR gamma/delta dual agonists to aid type II diabetes


Quinn Wierckz, Chemistry

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dan Adsmond, Physical Sciences

Project title: Cocrystallization of Sulfamethazine with 20 Carboxylic Acids