Who Does What?

In the columns below you will find the names and contact information for help with proposal development and grants management. Contacts to advise on the use of human subjects in research proposals (Institutional Review Board) and the use of laboratory animals are also included here. The National Institute of Health provides complete guidelines for the use of human subjects and laboratory animals on its website, Office for Protection from Research Risks.

Office of Academic Research
CSS 310

Ph: 231-591-2300


Pre-Award grant assistance.  OAR  Provides:
  • coordination of all grant support and assistance
  • coordination with other offices for support of faculty grant writers and administration
  • coordination with on-campus approval process
  • coordination of grants greater than $250,000 through the General Counsel approval process coordination of grants greater than $500,000 through the Board of Trustee approval process
Karen S. Thompson
Investment and Grants Accounting
Prakken 255A
Ph: 231-591-2157
Fax: 231-591-2985
Post-Award grant management.   Provides:
  • counsel on budget development, indirect costs, and in-kind contributions
  • advises on salary and benefit calculations
  • assists when necessary in formatting a budget sheet
  • review of the grant budget against the budget narrative and grant narrative for congruence

Karen Lerew

Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)
PRK 101D
Ph: 231-591-3825


Seeking a gift rather than a grant? (CLICK HERE for help determining which one you are going for)

  • Contact CFR to discuss approaching a foundation or corporation for a philanthropic gift.
  • Assistance with identification, clearance, and research
  • Advise on cultivation and solicitation strategy
  • Assistance with proposal development
  • Assistance with campus coordination (visits, communication, etc.)
  • Assistance with recognition and stewardship
  • Helpful link: Corporate and Foundation Relations

Anne Hawkins

Lab Safety Coordinator


(231) 591-2154


Does your project require use of a laboratory?

Works with faculty and staff members to develop and implement regulatory compliance programs to address the unique human and environmental needs of our academic colleges.

Lab Safety website

Institutional Review Board

CSS 310
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone:  231-591-2553

Research with Human Subjects

Any research project or other activity that involves human test subjects must be reviewed by this Committee.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research (HSRC Web Site)

Rick Marble

Animal Lab Facility Coordinator
Phone: 231-591-2246
Cell: 231-250-4006
Email marbler@ferris.edu


Janice Weaver, Chair
Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

ASC 2098
Ph: 231-591-3597

Use of animals in your project

Any research project or other activity that involves the use of animals must be reviewed by the IACUC.

IACUC Web Site