Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is a group of Ferris faculty and staff that helps the Director establish priorities for the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP). Committee members provide input and guidance for the development of initiatives, assist in implementation, and serve as a networking resource to help support research efforts at Ferris. Most members serve on one of three RAC subcommittees that focus on specific issues.

Members (subcommittee included):

Deborah Dawson (Indirect Cost subcommittee)

Greg Gogolin (Research Support subcommittee)

Kim Hancock (Research Support subcommittee)

Nancy Hogan (Research Support subcommittee)

Brad Isler (Research Support and Indirect Cost subcommittees)

Connie Meinholdt (Research Policy and Compliance subcommittee)

Avesh Raghunandan (Research Support subcommittee)

Todd Stanislav (Research Support subcommittee)

Karen Thompson (Indirect Cost subcommittee)

Janice Weaver (Research Policy and Compliance subcommittee)

Greg Wellman (Research Support subcommittee)