November 5, 1999 99:2


Instructional Space

Instructional space includes all classrooms, laboratories and other spaces owned or controlled by FSU and used for scheduled credit courses.

Assignable Instructional Space (Priority Assignment)

All Ferris State University instructional spaces are university resources and are administered under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Individual academic units (colleges, academic departments and programs) may have "priority assignment" to designated instructional space to enable them to conduct the instructional activities necessary to achieve their assigned instructional goals. "Priority assignment" carries the following rights and responsibilities for the instructional space assigned to each academic unit:

  • instructional space may be assigned to the classes offered by an academic unit for a given semester at the time each unit formulates its initial class schedule, using the rooms for which the unit has
  • all instructional space assignments or changes made after the initial class schedule are submitted shall be cleared through the Office of the Registrar, using the "Registrar Room Calendar" on Lotus Notes;
  • all events requiring the use of instructional space (other than scheduled class use) shall be scheduled through the Registrar’s Office using the "Registrar Room Calendar" on Lotus Notes;
  • any necessary instructional space maintenance or repair shall be reported to the academic unit with priority assignment;
    • the academic unit with priority assignment or the building custodian has the responsibility to contact the University physical plant when an instructional space requires maintenance or repair;
    • the academic unit with priority assignment has the responsibility to contact the relevant computer consortium or the purchasing office if instructional space furniture and equipment under warranty requires repair/replacement by the manufacturer;
    • expenditure for instructional space alterations is the budget responsibility of and must receive prior authorization of the academic unit with priority assignment;
  • any unit that makes an alteration to an instructional space affecting seating capacity or general function must secure prior approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs and notify the Registrar’s Office using "Registrar Room Calendar"
  • any structural change to an instructional space must have an initial feasibility approval by the office of the University Architect, as well as approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and notification of the Registrar’s Office using "Registrar Room Calendar."

Assignable Instructional Space (Security)

During the week, the Physical Plant is responsible for the security of instructional space used for special events. The Rankin Center and Public Safety are responsible for the security of these spaces on weekends.

Assignable Instructional Space (Maintenance)

General maintenance is the responsibility of the University Physical Plant with the following items included in a regularly scheduled maintenance plan:

- chairs - chalk & erasers
- chalk boards/white boards - clocks
- electrical integrity - floors/floor coverings
- lighting - mechanical systems
- pencil sharpeners - painting
- screens (installation) - portable lecterns
- tables - table arm chairs
- waste baskets - utilities in specialized classrooms
- window dressings - whiteboard markers and supplies
- coat racks and coat hooks

The computer consortia are responsible for the maintenance of computer equipment resident in instructional space, as well as the maintenance and provision of access or delivery of Mobile Instructional Units and computer carts. Media Distribution is responsible for the maintenance and delivery of all other equipment brought temporarily into instructional space.

It is the responsibility of each instructional facility’s building coordinator to regularly inspect classrooms for equipment not in working order or equipment that has been moved. Problems should be reported to Media Distribution, the relevant computer consortium, or the University Physical Plant.

Permanently installed equipment purchased by a unit is the responsibility of that unit, but if the equipment is broken by a temporary user, it is the temporary user’s responsibility to pay for the repair.

In the event of instructional space new construction or renovation, it is the responsibility of the Office of the University Architect to furnish the new space specifications to the Registrar’s Office for inventory file maintenance and to the relevant computer consortium regarding any computer-related equipment planned for that area.

Assignable Instructional Space (Priority Reassignment)

Instructional space utilization information may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar upon request. The Registrar’s Office is authorized to reassign instructional space as petitioned by any academic unit. Reassignment determinations will be based on the following criteria:

  • indicated need demonstrated with supporting documentation by petitioning Dean’s Office;
  • evaluation, by the Registrar’s Office, of current instructional space utilization of areas outside that of the petitioning academic unit;
  • information concerning instructional space that is determined to be "assignable" by the Registrar’s Office is submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval of priority reassignment;
  • academic units affected by the priority assignment or reassignment of instructional space will be notified by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Non-Assignable Instructional Space

University spaces used for specialized purposes or for program-specific instructional activities may be use-restricted to the specific function for which it is designed. These spaces are under the jurisdiction of the designated program area and are scheduled only for the specialized function deemed appropriate by that program. The Registrar’s Office shall be informed in the event of any function change in any "non-assignable" space.

All Instructional Space

Any unit that makes changes in the status of space, the renumbering of rooms, and other shifts that affect the assignability of a room should report them to the Registrar’s Office.

In the event there is shared responsibility for instructional space among or between divisions or units, appropriate consultations will be made between those divisions or units before utilization commitment is made.

[Additionally, a thorough inventory of all university spaces and their use should be developed and maintained in the area of the university architect. - this is a recommendation -- not a policy.]