Medical History/Waiver Forms will be mailed upon receipt of registration. Please complete and return no later than two (2) weeks prior to the opening of the camp.

A confirmation letter/information on check-in times, what to bring to residence hall, rules of conduct, and other details will be sent upon receipt of registration and payment.

If you have any special needs or accommodations, please telephone (800) 562-9130, ext. 3808 or (231) 591-3808.


All requests for refunds or cancellations received in writing two (2) weeks prior to camp start date will be honored, minus a $50 administrative fee. Cancellations received less than two (2) weeks prior to camp start date will not be refunded.

Ferris State University reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment with full refund.


For questions regarding registration and/or payment, call Conference & Professional Services at (800) 562-9130, ext. 3808 or (231) 591-3808.

Digital Media Software Academy

Students interested in computer software and what makes technology run will enjoy these camps.


Create something great! If you want to develop programming skills necessary to design, develop and create games and fun applications for smartphones, tablets, PCs, the Internet, and Xbox 360, this camp is for you. Here, you’re introduced to the powerful programming language C#, which is used by professionals in the gaming industry and businesses around the world. You will also learn the fundamentals and integral parts of computer programming, using the professional software development tools, while creating your software masterpiece.


Ferris Summer CampsDigital Media Software II is open to students who have completed Digital Media Software I. Level UP! Students expand their programming knowledge by creating increasingly more complex applications, and learn the benefits of software engineering. In this session, you use the most powerful and professional game development tools in the world for game design, development, and scripting. The skills developed are extremely important for anyone interested in a career in computer science and/or engineering. Don’t miss this opportunity to have fun and develop  programming skills.


Digital Media Software III is open to students who have completed Digital Media Software I and II. DMS III will focus on developing a deep understanding of smart phones, PCs, tablets, and game design/development (Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Tablet, Xbox 360). Students are introduced to the leading edge 2D/3D video game development engine. Each student is led through the design and development process to the ultimate completion of two fully interactive and playable 2D and 3D video games. This session is for the student who is experienced in C# and has a desire to pursue the exciting world of software engineering and/or video game development.


This course is for you if you enjoy technology and would like an opportunity to explore how new and exciting technologies will enhance our lives. You’ll have hands-on access to emerging technologies: wearable devices (Google Glass), virtual reality headset (Oculus Rift), augmented reality apps (Sphero), gesture and voice controlled devices (Leap Motion, Kinect, and ParrotAR Drone). You’ll be introduced to computer programming using novice friendly Kodu, Minecraft, and Project Spark. The course also covers the process of creating phone apps, tablet apps, video games, and PC software.


While these camps are basic courses, students are expected to have solid familiarity with a Windows PC computer environment.